Who Controls What You Eat?

As you get more into Healthy Eating and choices, thoughts may come as to WHY some people choose to eat the way they do. A lot of us know that there may be healthier options. Just want to throw out some ideas here.

Are you letting marketers and business people choose what you eat? If you simply buy what advertisements and industries want you to eat, will it be in the best interests of the people? Here, we will list 3 MAJOR FACTORS that determine what people eat.

1. CALORIC DENSITY – Unfortunately, most of us are programmed to eat foods with HIGH Caloric Densities. We do not seem to be able to differentiate between whole foods and processed things. Foods with high caloric densities would be fatty meats, altered milk products like cheese and butter, nuts, oils, processed bread and grain products, and sugary foods. THESE ARE THE FOODS THAT ARE PRIMARILY IN RESTAURANTS!

2. CULTURAL NORMS – Are you letting the culture dictate what you eat? Sometimes people know to be eating differently, but the people and culture keep them stuck eating the same junky stuff. DO NOT ACCEPT THINGS JUST BECAUSE THE CULTURE DOES IT!

3. ADVERTISING – Marketing, commercials, etc can program people into buying and eating certain things. Again, these are usually non-health foods. They are usually processed and have high caloric densities. ARE YOU LETTING ADVERTISING PROGRAM WHAT YOU EAT?

So what are we supposed to do? Sometimes, just waking up and realizing that these factors are affecting us can help. So many people are just on treadmills eating junky foods. Sometimes they are unaware, but sometimes they are aware and just find it hard to change.

They KEY here is to take control of what you eat!

You have to be the Person that decides what you consume. Do not be persuaded by marketers. Do not be persuaded by cultural norms. Do not even be tricked by the Body into consuming the addictive high calorie foods. There are plenty of things to eat that are better. A lot of this has to do with being IN CHARGE! Take back the control. An added benefit of doing this is that you start to support Health-Oriented Farming. When you choose to spend money buying fruits, vegetables, and other high quality foods; you support those industries. We have responsibility to People and our Cultures to support Healthy practices! So take back control, decide what you eat, and be responsible with food choices!



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Why Caloric Density Matters!

What is Caloric Density and why do we care?

Caloric Density refers to the amount of calories in a given weight of food. For instance, how many calories per pound. The more calories in that pound of food, the higher the caloric density. The fewer calories per pound, the lower the caloric density. Makes sense right?!

Here are some factors to consider when contemplating caloric density.

1. WILD FOODS will almost always have lower caloric densities than their farmed counterparts. That would be wild plants, wild fish, and game meats.


Here is a chart taken from “Forks Over Knives” Magazine

Non-Starchy Vegetables (Leafy Greens) : 70-200 Calories/Pound

Fruits : 200-400

Tubers and Starchy Vegetables : 300-400

Whole Grains : 400-500

Legumes : 500-600

Avocados : 750

Nuts and Seeds : 2,600

Oils : 4,000

These are the caloric densities of common plant foods. Unfortunately, the magazine does not have listings for animal products as it is a more vegetarian style-magazine. Animal foods generally have higher caloric densities also; while probably not quite as high as nuts or oils.

So why does this matter?

If you look at the foods that are hurting people. The foods that people are over-consuming and causing disease. They are generally going to be foods that have HIGH CALORIC DENSITY. It is not that they are unhealthy. You are just more likely to overeat them.

For instance, milk has a lower caloric density than cheese. Butter will have a higher caloric density than cheese. Ice cream loaded with sugar and eggs will have a MUCH HIGHER caloric density than the whole-food versions.

What is the moral here?

People are not overeating things with LOW CALORIC DENSITIES! We are not consuming too many vegetables and fruits generally. We ARE consuming too much fatty meats, dairy, breaded things, fried foods, baked goods, processed foods, roasted nuts, etc. These things can taste great and are easy to overconsume! So what are we to do?

A great strategy is to plan on consuming LARGE AMOUNTS of LOW CALORIC DENSITY FOODS! Fill up on things like salads, fruits, and vegetables. You are much less likely to overeat these things. Stay away from too much added oils and fats as these will jack up the caloric density. AFTER you fill up on the Healthiest Stuff, you may not want as large amounts of the HIGH DENSITY STUFF.

Again, this is not to say that MEAT is bad, or to stay away from RAW NUTS or whatever. We are just saying that the healthiest stuff generally have low caloric densities. It might also be of notice that low caloric density foods often have some of the highest values of nutrition and vitamins/minerals. When you focus on eating these types of foods; you will get in more nutrition.

Interesting Stuff, Caloric Density Scales!



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Stop Looking for the ONE Thing!

It amazes me how many times there are advertisements for things trying to sell you “cures” for certain ailments. They may not state it in absolute terms, but they lead the consumers into thinking that the product is a health-fix and something that is very rare. This may be the case in vitamins, supplements, or other products. Don’t buy into this thinking!

Health is created through so many factors. We do not get or stay healthy with a single product or treatment. This is marketing hype! Let us not get onboard with these concepts. Of course it would be nice if we could take a pill, or some other easy fix that could solve the issues; but that is not a reality. We need to do many things do stay healthy. There are no shortcuts. Follow the basic Lifestyle Principles.

– Natural Nutrition

– Rest and Sleep

– Exercise

– Stress Reduction

– Supplements

You may cheat for awhile, but things will eventually catch up! So instead of focusing on ONE THING that will fix the problems, focus on being honest and mindful of the MANY THINGS that affect the Health and do things that promote that!



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A Simple Trick

There are so many ideas and tips when it comes to eating. We want to know what to eat to be Healthier. Let us keep it simple today and focus on just ONE PRINCIPAL.

1. A simple way to improve Health is to EAT things that are HEALTHIER than YOU ARE!

This follows common sense knowledge as well. The VERY HEALTHIEST FOODS may be wild plants and animals, followed by organically and healthfully farmed foods. The more processed, altered, laden with chemicals, etc that a food is; the less good it will be for you. With so much junk, it would appear best to just focus on the healthy stuff!









The MAIN IDEA is that by eating foods that are healthier than we are, the Health of the Person improves.



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Start BUILDING Health!

This may be a bit of a different paradigm for some. Many people seem very focused on “Chasing disease.” They want to know what diagnosis they have. They want to know what to take to make it go away. This type of thinking is playing DEFENSE! I am not suggesting that it is not wise to search for the causes and problems of particular ailments. I am saying that is leaving out a BIG area of things that could help people.

BUILDING HEALTH IS AN OFFENSIVE STRATEGY. Healthy nutrition, exercise, Outdoors, etc. These are the things that build Health. When we are healthy, disease does not affect us nearly as much. Our immune system stays in better shape and helps protect us. Digestion is much better. We maintain healthy homeostatic controls, weight, and many other neat factors.

So why are so many people focused just on DEFENSE? You can not find the problems if the problem is that you don’t have a HEALTHY OFFENSE! It is the same thing as focusing on the POSITIVE instead of the NEGATIVE.

A more balanced approach might be to FOCUS ON BUILDING HEALTH in a positive manner and THEN work on whatever problems you may have. A lot of people may “LOSE” their diseases or issues when they get healthier. There are lots of things people need to be healthy, and if we don’t support those then we are not playing OFFENSE. Here are some basic steps to support a healthy BUILDING program.

– Eat Healthy Food.

– Rest and Sleep

– Exercise Regularly

– Control Stress Levels

– Take High Quality supplements

The BODY will be much stronger if you can do the basics. Remember that the immune system is designed to protect you from bacteria, parasites, virus’s. So by improving the OFFENSE, you actually improve the DEFENSE as well! A lot of people are “CHASING SYMPTOMS.” If you do not get to the underlying causes of WHY you are having problems; then the symptoms will stay around. Get with the basics. BUILD HEALTH!



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