BEST “Treatment?”


You will often hear people talking about these miracle cures or remedies.  They talk about these single things as if they were the one answer to these complex problems that people have.  Sometimes therapists (in all areas) tend to think more highly of their chosen profession than others.  Let me give you a list here, and I want you to see if you can be healthy and live well without any of these things.













I mean, I could go on and on probably; but the point is that we need many things to do well here on the planet.  When we get sucked into this idea that this ONE SUPPLEMENT or treatment will be the cure-all, we will end up in trouble with a troubled mindset.  If one PRODUCT or practitioner is promising a quick-fix with a single treatment or modality; it is probably not someone who understands or is being truthful how the body and systems actually work.  To really get on a good track or stay on a good track with your health and life you will need to make sure that the parameters set for YOUR individual needs and wants are fulfilled and within healthy ranges set by NATURE, not by your parents, not by your friends, but by the system we live in.

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The MAIN “Health conflicts” most people have.


When you take a look around, you will see a lot of so-called “illnesses,” “health problems,” and issues that people are having.  More and more of these are showing up and will continue to be showing up in younger and younger.  It seems like as the months and years go by; we compile an ever growing LIST of “conditions,” “diseases,” and things to be afraid of.  I don’t even need to list these things as I’m sure you have many circling through your mind.  We keep finding new superbugs and bacteria to be afraid of; and we keep trying to protect ourselves with new drugs, pills, and other modern things.

SO; I will tell you that (in my opinion), the vast majority of almost ALL PEOPLE’s problems in the arena of health can be boiled down to a MAIN CONCEPT.  That concept is that people are living in DISAGREEMENT with REALITY.  By that, I mean nature, humankind, spirituality, and the universe.  In REALITY, we have existed most of our recorded history in a certain way.  Almost all people ate only natural foods, we worked outside or in a much more physically active manner than we do today.  We were more in tune with nature and our surroundings.  We didn’t spend all this time on technology.  And we didn’t have so much pollution.  Most people were more in tune with their spirituality.

Now, I don’t want to paint this idealistic view of people, as I’m sure people still were people!  It is just that there were no other options.  You basically had to live by the rules. We have somehow passed a point though, in human technology and existence, where we don’t so much follow the basic rules.  So what is the result of all of this?

MODERN HUMANS are often times living in MAJOR CONFLICT with the universe.  And we are not the creators, nor the lawmakers here.  We may make rules for ourselves and other plants and animals; but we are not God and we do not get to set the parameters here.  All we can do is to try to follow the ways that are already set in place and improve where we can.  So, when there is a CONFLICT; there will be a “dis-ease”  I believe the primary reason there is so many new strange illnesses, is because we are doing strange, new things we have never done before.  Our immune systems can only take so much barragement from polluted cities, poor food, bad sleep quality, too much of the wrong kinds of work, lack of natural medicines, wireless networks, and over the counter drugs before they start to break down.  If your emotions are out of check; there will be a problem.  A lot of times, we convince ourselves that it’s ok to live this way because so many other people are doing the same.

So how do we fix this?  It is easy to say, not always so easy to DO.

The simple, short answer is to RE-ALIGN yourself with the greater whole of the system.  Basically, live by natures rules; not your own wishes.  Eat the food from where you came from, move your body, sleep, pray, have good relationships, take natural medicines, be emotional, etc.  We really TRY to tell ourselves that WE make the rules; but EVERY TIME nature will come back and put you in check and show you who is boss!  If you want a good example of this; look how people used to live for most of human history until about 300-400 years ago.  Good luck!

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