Getting VITAMINS isn’t hard?!


I will admit I am a vitamin guy.  Now, I am not referring to pills and multivitamins necessarily, although sometimes these can help if they are good quality. Try to avoid cheap, synthetic vitamins.   I am a big fan of getting vitamins from foods and some supplements made from whole-foods.  Vitamins are essential if you want to optimize your health and life so let’s look a little bit about where we can get these.

C-  Possibly the most important basic vitamin.  In most fruits; but especially high in citrus like grapefruit.  A great way to get a lot of vitamin C is to squeeze some fresh grapefruit or lemons into some water and drink it.  MOST FRESH FRUITS have good amounts of this; but you will have to research a bit as to which have the most.  Grapefruit is my favorite with about 200% vitamin C daily in ONE GRAPEFRUIT!

B VITAMINS – IN MANY fruits, but may be especially high in good quality berries.  These are important for stress and energy production.

E –  In many fresh nuts and seed kernels.  Good for hair, skin, teeth, nails, etc.

D – Sun exposure, fish oil, calcium, etc.

The point here is that if you are eating high quality food, you will be getting your vitamins.  If not; you can always consider a high-quality whole foods multivitamin supplement. If you are missing these elements it will be very hard to be healthy and your brain and mental chemistry, as well as immune systems won’t be working optimally either.  It’s an easy fix!


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BEST “Medicines.”


We have to be careful as natural health practitioners in the modern world not to impinge on the language that doctors have claimed as modern scientific medicine.  Words like “diagnose,” “prescribe,” “medication,” and things of this nature are common words that we need to be careful with.  But I will tell you this.  We all know that humans have been around thousands and thousands of years; and what was the ONLY medicine around?  We didn’t have “prescription” drugs or licensed “diagnoses” complete with labels, side-effects, and the like.  The ONLY medicines that were around were natural foods, herbs, and oils.  Now; keep in mind, ALL OTHER ANIMALS don’t even really use medicines or healing in the way we think of them.  Is this just because they don’t have the choice not to live according to their primal instincts as we do.  They exercise outside, drink water, and eat the plants and food that they evolved eating.  You will never see an animal that has become as sick as some of our humans.  So what am I saying?  I’m saying that licenses, patents, and fancy named drugs may be the new age hype.  And I’m not saying that some of them don’t help.  I’m just saying that the “natural medicines” that our bodies respond the best to are not going to be things created in labs that are just now being experimented on by humans.  They are mostly going to be the things we evolved with.  Fresh air, exercise, sunlight, clean food, herbs, good relationships, spiritual life, good family, essential oils, and living a clean life!

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