Is living a Healthy lifestyle EXPENSIVE?

It seems that a lot of people believe that it costs a lot of money and is expensive to live healthfully, live well, and have fun.  I am trying to bust this myth, but I would like to honor some of the points here.

  1.  ALL other wild animals that are vital and healthy spend 0$ on health.  Think about that one.  They don’t spend a dollar because they live in strict accordance to their natural principles.  People selling expensive supplements might not want you to think about this one!
  2. That being said, we are not wild animals.  We have a long history of evolving with our technologies, eating habits, etc.  We have long used money as a way to trade and barter with each other.  So why is everything so expensive?!
  3. The most expensive thing about a healthy lifestyle is fresh, whole foods.  I will not argue that REAL FOOD is sometimes more expensive than pre-packaged stuff.  However, if people are honest with how much they spend eating out at restaurants, fast food, cigarettes, beer, etc; I believe that this bridges the gap.
  4. The good news it that the truly healthful habits are generally cheap.  It doesn’t cost any money to exercise (or little at a reasonably priced fitness center), sleep, rest, go on walks in nature, meditate, develop good relationships, music is cheap.  Most people are under-nutrified, under-rested, and under-exercised!
  5. Natural medicines are therapies are generally far cheaper than “BIG Medical.”  Whole food supplements, good quality essential oils, herbs, and medicinal foods are usually easy to stock up on and don’t cost as much comparatively.


I don’t want to make a super-long list here, so I will summarize my thoughts on this topic here.  The MOST EXPENSIVE part of being healthy in a modern world in my opinion is the cost of GOOD FOOD!  Now, one can get into gardening and wild harvesting/foraging to start taking on some of these costs.  Farmers markets are popping up all over the place it seems as more and more people get re-interested.  The other things like exercise, rest, stress-management, relationships, religious things, meditation, yoga, etc are generally cheap or free. They do take DEDICATION though!  I really believe that as Americans generally, we might not think of health as an expensive habit if we were to REARANGE some of our habits that are not so good.  As in; too much packaged foods, tv/movies, video games, cigarettes, all kinds of things that are small BUT add up in the long run.

I think the main question to ask yourself is;  Is it the money that is the problem?  Or is it the work and dedication that is required?  Hope this helps.


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