Weight Loss


Weight Issues.  This topic may be one of the biggest health issues facing many people living in the United States.  There are probably thousands of programs out there; as well as gadgets, food plans, and many other things all telling people that they have THE secret to weight loss.  Do they work?  Well I would say that by looking at our population; we still have a big problem.  So here is the thing:  NOTHING will work for weight loss unless it follows the principles of reality.  By reality I mean nature.  We cannot “trick” weight away or “cheat” it off.  It only comes off when we start living differently.  So I will provide a list here of what WORKS in our opinion for long-term weight loss.


  1. WHOLE FOODS EATING:  What I mean by this is eating things that were around 5000 years ago.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, plant fats, high quality low-cooked meats, maybe some whole grains or beans prepared correctly.  Things that humans have eaten for a very long time basically.  Nutrition to calorie ratios is hugely different than modern processed foods.  Once you start altering or processing foods; they will start tricking your body and in general, we don’t have shut-off switches to stop eating these things.  A lot of times we are eating because we are very hungry for NUTRITION but are not getting it in our foods.

2.  EXERCISE:  In general; there are no overweight animals in the wild.  There are animals who store a good amount of fatty tissues, but these are usually to keep warm or otherwise help with living in the wild.  All animals move around!  We used to do this too!  Part of the problem with modern living is that we are no longer forced to exercise as much as in the past.  We get in the car and drive places.  We get our food from stores.  We work in offices.  There is no way around it in my opinion.  If you want a healthy body weight; movement is a must-do.  Now remember; exercise does not mean terrifying, stressful activities that you dread doing.  A half hour walk, bicycling, or light jog can do wonders.  The main thing is consistency.  A combination of exercises is usually best including endurance, resistance, and flexibility activities.

3. LIFESTYLE:  I don’t want to make this post too long, so we are going to lump in lifestyle items into one category.  Many things are included here; such as sleep, work-life, work-play balance, leisure time, relationships, family issues, stress in general, MOOD, natural medicines and nutritional supplements, hygiene, etc.  BASICALLY you need to take care of yourself!

So in summary; I believe that good nutritional food, regular exercise that is right for you, and taking care of your life in general are the best time-tested ways to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  I would avoid gimmicks or anything that tries to contradict what humans have been doing for a very long time.

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Grapefruit: A favorite food.


It’s late at night.  What to write about?  Grapefruit.  I keep finding new reasons to like this fruit.  I think most people would do well to consume it regularly.  Let’s check out what it can do.  Some cool ways to eat it are to squeeze some juice into water or tea, juice it by itself or with other fruits, or just as a standalone breakfast.


-Very high vitamin C (200% DV) for 1 grapefruit!

-Acids that help keep arteries clean, eat up old food residues, cleanse the liver/Gallbladder channels, aid digestion, etc.

-General Cleanser/alkalizer of the body

-Supplier of enzymes

So; overall a great food for many people.  There are hardly any calories in grapefruit so you don’t have to worry about that.  The main reason I would NOT recommend it is if you had an allergy or major food sensitivity to this food.  Great food to counteract a lot of the heavy foods that we American’s like to eat lots of (Cooked egg, fried foods, heavy meats, too much potatoes, etc.)  Add some zing to your life with grapefruit!


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