Walking: The ORIGINAL Exercise?

In modern times we sometimes don’t think of walking as “exercise.”  The word exercise tends to conjure up images of intense running, biking, weight-training, cross-fit, etc.  While these all may have a place in a good training program; I think we tend to forget that basic walking in the PRIMARY exercise for humans and most other upright animals.  Watch any mammal and see.  Predators only sprint intensely for short periods of time chasing prey.  The prey only sprints intensely trying to get away.  In the “office age,” where we tend to work indoors more, (and more sedentarily); walking has become less frequent.  We now have cars, buses, planes, trains, supermarkets, etc.  Our jobs are not as physical.  This may be a reason why some factory workers maintain decent health even when other factors such as diet may not be so great.  They are WALKING around most of the day!  Walking, tinkering, etc.  Yard work could also be put into this category.

I think that because we now tend to think of exercising as these intense activities we may not put the energy into trying the more basic stuff.  So how do you go about it?

Simple.  If you are going from not much exercise to just a 20-30 minute walk most days you will be doing yourself a huge favor.  I would recommend people to tackle this one before they begin more intense things; because the discipline to keep a walking routine going is far less than a workout schedule.  And let’s not forget that if you are outside walking, you are also getting that fresh air and sunshine!


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