Raw EGGS?! Yay or Nay?


I come across this topic often it seems like.  To eat or not to eat RAW EGGS.  Some people have reactions in disgust or fear.  They are concerned as taught that raw eggs are dangerous to consume; primarily because of bacteria.  Other issues are usually due to the “slimy” or “gross” nature of raw eggs.  On the plus side; raw eggs are generally much easier to digest, don’t stress out our enzyme reserves so much, and can contain healthy fats and proteins.  So the real risks?  Let’s check em out.

  •  Eggs produced in “factory farms” or “chicken slums” are not going to be healthy raw or cooked.  I would avoid these raw especially as you never know what kind of conditions or diseases these chickens came from.


  • Eggs from natural, healthy chickens are much safer and less risky than the factory farmed chickens.  People have been consuming raw eggs for a long time; animals only consume raw eggs.


So what is the bottom line?

Well it seems like this is a question that may not be answered for some time.  Personally, I have consumed hundreds of raw eggs without so much as a cold or flu.  I feel better when eating them this way in shakes or smoothies.  Really; it is a matter of personal choice and whether or not you believe in your mind it is a risky activity.  It is the same concept as SUSHI.  A good way to have the best of both worlds is to try egg shakes.  You can make them with anti-bacterial properties if you have concerns.  Here is a basic recipe:


-2 bananas

-4 raw eggs

-1 TBSP raw coconut oil (antibacterial)

1/4-1/2 TSP fresh cinnamon or cloves (antibacterial)

VERY TASTY and also a great post-workout shake.

So again, use caution when trying new things; and remember that anything that comes from an unhealthy animal is potentially dangerous and we never know how we are going to react to anything.  I believe that RAW eggs can be very healthy for people if common sense and high quality eggs are used.  I also believe unhealthy eggs can be somewhat dangerous; so do your best to make sure you know what kind of eggs you are getting.  If you do cook eggs, try to cook them over-easy or sunny side up as to not damage much of the good fat or protein!  Most people love eggs either way.


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