A Simple Concept Worth Thinking About.

There are so many varieties of dietary advice that it becomes easy to get confused.  There are different foodie camps, fad diets, and gossip from people you may know.  How do we get through to what is real and works for us?

There are lots of ways to do this including metabolic typing, whole foods, intuition, food tracking, and more.  That is for a different article.  What I want to bring up here is a very simple concept to think about.

What if we ate food that was at least as healthy and alive as we were?  Think about that for a few moments.  This is generally the principle that most of the other animals use out there.  Somehow, we think we can get away with degrading our food; often to disgusting extents.  So if we are talking about healthy eating; we are not talking about meat eaters versus vegetarians.  What we are talking about is eating things that raise our own health.  Doesn’t it make sense that to increase our health levels, we would need to consume things at least as healthy as ourselves?  Of course, we do all kinds of things to make food taste better, last longer, and various other things.  I don’t want to spin in circles here, so let me list some of the items that make the list.

In general high quality, fresh, raw foods are going to be at the top of the list. 


These are foods that have not been subjected to extreme temperatures, cooking, or processing.  They are literally “Alive” when you eat them, (And probably more healthy than we are!)

The next level comes foods that are mildly processed, but are still more or less in their RAW forms.


We have added things like freezing and refrigeration to help certain food items last longer; such as meats.  We are unsure of the effect this has on the quality of the food.


This may need a bit of discussion here.  By high quality animals foods, we mean animals that have been properly raised and handled for many generations without tampering, bad feeding practices, GMO’s, etc.  It is of the opinion of the author that wild meats are the healthiest choice.  Things like buffalo, venison, and wild caught fish.  The next level comes healthy farmed meats such as beef and chicken.  Again, fresh is best, but very hard to come by sometimes.  We know that freezing preserves much of the food quality and actually is less damaging than cooking for many elements.  EGGS can be eaten raw or cooked, although overcooking is not recommended.   RAW DAIRY can have it’s uses, although it may be best to avoid it’s pasteurized counterpart.

Lightly cooked vegetables are somewhere in here also.  Cooking can make them easier to digest and bring out some nutrition.  This is especially true with things like potatoes.

Farther down the list we have things like grains and beans.  Here we enter into storage and maintenance foods.  These foods usually require cooking and are heavily used in processed foods.  This is not to say grains are bad in their regular forms.  Some gentle cooking can transform them into healthy options.  They do not, however, contain the vitality and nutrition of fresh fruits and veggies in most cases.

We could keep going down the list but we only want to discuss the foods worth eating in this article!

OK!  So basically we are just explaining a list of the healthiest foods in order of LIFE-FORCE or NUTRITION.  This does not mean that is the way that you choose what to eat.  Some people need far more animal products than others.  Going without meat when you need it is going to lower your health quickly.  The idea is that you try to focus on eating foods at the top of the pyramid.  All of this, of course, goes back to the principle of eating HIGH QUALITY, WHOLE FOODS!  Eat with purpose and eat with your intuition.  Use common sense and try a balanced approach to eating.


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