DAIRY: A Unique Fuel.

What is it about DAIRY that captivates? For some, it may be a refreshing beverage, or something added to cereal. Others may find butter comforting or cheese tasty. Whatever way that people enjoy it; DAIRY is one of those fuel sources that many crave. So there must be some good things right? However, many groups of people are finding DAIRY to be harmful or allergenic. In this post, we check out the positives and negatives of DAIRY as well as how to maintain a healthy relationship to it.

Dairy in it’s most basic form is MILK. Cows milk would appear to be the most popular, but there are many other kinds as well. Milk is created inside the animal and is designed to help the growing calves to get Big and Strong right? That may be the case with WILD ANIMALS. However, since we have been domesticating the animals we milk for a very long time; we can’t be certain that they haven’t developed aspects of milk for HUMANS ENJOYMENT. In other words, are they designing products to please us as to help them stay around? Like the other foods we enjoy; this could possibly include raising the sugar and fat contents as well as calories.

  • Milk probably contains many GROWTH HORMONE and HORMONAL BOOSTING FACTORS. It can aid in reducing stress and have a calming effect.
  • Milk contains proteins, fats, carbs; and has a good amount of calories.
  • RAW MILK contains enzymes and probiotics.
  • Because of these factors Milk (and it’s by-products) are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE.

Unfortunately, I may as well shift into some of the problems we will run into with DAIRY. Many people are finding that they have issues with dairy. Some are feeling that they have food allergies, sensitivities, or that it affects their digestion. Some people find that they do much better cutting dairy out of their eating choices. So what is going on? DAIRY has some good things and some bad things; so what are we to do? Here are some tips for a healthy relationship with DAIRY.

  1. Understand that DAIRY eating or drinking is consuming products created inside the body of another animal. This was primarily intended for their young; but may have adapted over time to “Tempt” Humans. We are the only animal to regularly consume milk of another animal in such ways.

2. We have only recently begin to “Pasteurize” Milk. The real problems begin here. When we Pasteurize milk, we kill the probiotics and the enzymes; which leads to very different products. RAW MILK contains the full spectrum of beneficial ingredients. Many have been Mindwashed into thinking we need to kill the bad bacteria in the milk. The problem is that if a person continuously drinks pasteurized milk and products; the body does not have the correct ingredients for digestion and it can deplete people of digestive enzymes. It is also important to note that Health problems from dairy are not always apparent for many years.

3. “Milk Products,” such as butter and cheese are another step away from the Natural. These are rendered products Humans create; usually to make highly concentrated forms of Fats (Butter or cheese). I suppose there are also some that remove the Fat to keep the protein and the sugar.

Of course there will be many opinions on how to healthfully consume Dairy; but here is my take. If you cannot find a source of RAW DAIRY from properly raised animals that you trust; you may want to consider not consuming much PASTEURIZED DAIRY. For many reasons. It WILL create digestive strain eventually because the enzymes have been destroyed. Also, many Big Name commercialized Dairy suppliers may be using milk from who knows where and each time you drink or consume products; it may be from a different source. These cows may be fed all sorts of different things; often GMO grains. IF you can find RAW DAIRY, try to focus on the MILK! I am well aware that butter, cheese, etc can taste great; but these products are farther down the chain of natural foods. They are also separating elements of the milk rendering it not as much of a whole food. RAW GOATS MILK is an excellent alternative to cows milk. It doesn’t taste much different and comes from a smaller animal.

Remember that Dairy is somewhat of a strange food. It can have it’s benefits; namely in the hormone and growth boosting properties. It can also aid in stress-relief. I recommend using it more as a SUPPLEMENT and not as a large part of the Food Intake Program.

Some may not tolerate Dairy at all. Each person needs to evaluate His or Her own reactions and adjust accordingly.

To summarize; DAIRY is a food that many Humans obviously have a love for. Don’t let them kid you. There ARE REASONS for this. We just need to make sure that we are controlling that feel good stuff with Common Sense.


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Cautions for Ketogenic Diets

It would appear that the “Ketogenic” Diet approach is trending recently. I do not follow the trends enough to understand WHY this is occurring. Of course, there are usually many different diets that are trending. This post is designed not to steer people away from these approaches; but to help in understanding the principles behind them.

Just a quick overview of the Ketogenic Approach and theories. I do not claim to be an expert on this field but these are the basics as I understand them. Ketogenic diets are based around promoting the intake of FAT as the primary fuel source. They are limiting on sugars, fruits, and carbohydrates. This often cuts down on grains and beans as well. The theories behind this are very similar to the “PALEO” style of eating. Humans evolved subsisting primarily from Proteins and Fats. The major differences between Paleo and Ketogenic styles seem to be that Paleo’s are not as leery of fruits and some root vegetables. Basically, they allow a small amount more carbohydrates.

So, to be fair, there is a lot of wisdom in removing “modernized grains, processed foods, etc” and focusing more on whole foods. This is shared with many dietary theories. There are many HEALTHY FATS that people can eat.

The PROBLEMS come when people do not understand well what HEALTHY FATS are VS UNHEALTHY FATS. Problems also can come if people’s genetics and BODY CHEMISTRY need fruits, grains, or beans to function optimally. You can literally be starving yourself of vital nutrition if you are fixated on eliminating carbohydrates. So, I’m sure many people lose weight, feel better, etc on these plans; but I would wager that most haven’t been eating that way for very long.

Here is the reasoning for these cautions. In reality based nature, Humans have not actually had access to FATTY foods as much as some claim for that long. Most WILD MEATS are very high in PROTEIN and actually have much less FAT than modern meats. Add to this that we have been FATTENING our herds with processed, GMO laced, modern feeds. The DAIRY is also different than it was even 100 years ago. NATURAL FOODS that are high in FAT would include Raw nuts, olives (and cold-pressed olive oil), Coconuts (and cold-pressed Coconut oil), Avocados, etc. There are SOME wild meats that contain fat; such as Buffalo, and some Ocean Fish.

What I am getting at is that you have to be careful. Eating loads of pasteurized butter, cheese, foods fried in oils, and fatty modern farm animals is going to eventually be harmful for most people. There are many health problems and conditions that can be created if you eat too much of these types of foods. We know that these foods may taste great sometimes, but that does not make them healthful. I will also add that Coconut oil, which is sometimes a large component of Ketogenic approaches is a NEW FOOD for many people. Coconut oil is imported usually from Southeast Asian countries and is newly adopted.

So what do we do?

Always start with a natural, whole-foods based approach. What were your ancestors eating? What region do you Reside in?

Personally, I do not ascribe to the Ketogenic Theories. I usually recommend a more balanced approach similar to the Paleo systems. IF HOWEVER, you feel drawn to the Ketogenic approach; here would be some tips.

HEALTHY FATS may include Raw nuts, Cold-pressed oils, Avocados, Eggs, Grass-Fed animals (Wild is preferable). Small amounts of RAW DAIRY may be acceptable. Fatty wild fish such as salmon.

UNHEALTHY FATS may include PASTEURIZED butters and cheeses, Foods fried in oils, non grass-fed animals, overly cooked eggs, too much pork or bacon, or just overeating heavily cooked meats in general.

Your body will help guide you as to which foods are best, but you cannot just use TASTE as a guide! Of course fatty, fried meats with lots of salt are going to taste great. Look for signs of Feeling sluggish, low energy, cravings for sugar or carbs, etc. Cravings doesn’t just mean you are in withdrawal from carbs or have bugs craving sugar. Your body may literally want the carbs.

Overall, YOU are the best guide. Let us remember that there are MANY DIETARY SYSTEMS and lots of them CLAIM to be the BEST! Most have their own “SCIENCE” to back up the theories but it’s not true science much of the time. There are all kinds of eaters in nature. Some love fruit, others veggies, and still others meat. Just remember to keep an open mind when choosing to follow any dietary theory and be ready to change things if your systems stop working or you start feeling worse. This post is not meant to discourage anyone to not follow a Ketogenic approach, but to advise a few cautions if that is the system you choose to follow!


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Walking: A Basic Necessity

This is a short post about WALKING. Not super exciting, but worthy of our attention. People sometimes wonder how to design fitness programs. Often times gyms, jogging, biking, etc are things that come up. These are great also, but walking comes first.

WALKING is the MOST BASIC FORM of Human movement. We walk around and do things. As we walk, our circulation is aided, stress may be relieved, digestion/elimination functions are improved, and if we are Outside; we get added benefits of Fresh Air and Sunlight. It is also a type of movement that does not stress out the body or individual doing it very much. Risk of injury is also very low.

Many people get plenty of WALKING in their regular daily activities. This may include general Housekeeping, work at employment, yardwork, etc. As more of our activities tend to focus around electronic media, some people may not be walking as much as they used to or would be healthy. Some people work jobs at offices where they sit at desks much of the time.

WALKING as a Necessity: Bodies really do require movement to be healthy. Regular walking is a great base to a fitness program.

Recommendations: Aim for several good-length walks each week. Keep a log of the dates go on walks so you can track your results.

I know it is easy to get sucked into the SUPER FITNESS niches like powerlifting, bodybuilding, high-endurance cardio, and things like that. Many people seem prone to getting pulled into these types of activities. Many people also burn out on those types of activities and eventually cannot participate in them anymore. I am all for moderate-semi intensive forms of exercise like jogging, moderate weight training, yoga, biking etc assuming people are doing basic “Low intensity” exercise as the Base for that.

I am aware that WALKING may not always be the most exciting form of exercise but it is the One that you can reliably count on the most.


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