A note on “Alternative” Therapies


Often times in “modern” societies, we have developed sophisticated forms of modern medicine and we have been taught that these are the proper things to do if one gets sick. At the sign of illness, you go see your general doctor.  If he can’t help you; the next step is a specialist.  Then you are basically juggled around the system if you can’t find relief.  On the menu is often prescription drugs, surgeries, and sometimes invasive testing procedures, and a boatload of stress!  The GOOD doctors will alert you to “alternative” therapies such as diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and possibly alternative medicines.  I guess I have a little bit of a problem with the system on this one.  All of the therapies that are now being touted as “alternative” were the ONLY remedies for 99% of human existence.  So my view is somewhat contrasting to the “modern medicine” view.  Although, I will say that people are starting to wake up to normal therapies as the modern age continues along.  Optimized Individuals approach is to “maximize” your normal human therapies using nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress-relief, mental/emotional work, targeted supplements and natural medicines, family/friends, spiritual lives, chiropractic, and body-work, etc to optimized your inputs.  After that, I advise people to get a full workup with their doctors and maintain monitoring via a general practitioner.  The problem we are running into these days is that no drug, surgery, or specialist can ever FIX you if you are not taking care of your personal and trans-personal responsibilities as a human being!  So remember, old-school remedies are the ones that have been around the longest and generally seem to vibe best with people.  I advise people to use what we call “alternative” as primary (most of the time) care, supplemented by professional medical advice.


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