Areas of Hereditary and Genetic Weakness CAN be Addressed.

Most of us have heard about these types of things.  Inherited weaknesses, diseases, or problems.  We check for family histories of different conditions to help us know what to look for in the future with our health.  Sometimes the results are somewhat insignificant and other times we have issues of cancers, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and the like.  It is difficult to cope with this sort of thing, especially if serious preexisting conditions are there.  It is important to understand what issues have been occurring in your family; especially if you can find information about grandparents or back farther.

There is some truth to this as people (and families) can and do have strengths and weaknesses.  What we want to talk about here is WHY the weaknesses exist and HOW we might go about correcting them.  Why do illnesses seem to follow families?

Sometimes families go about things in similar ways.  They may eat the same types of foods, have the same views on exercise, deal with stress in distinctive ways, etc.  These ways of doing things often gets passed on to the children.  IF these things are unhealthy, disease can result.

OUR CULTURE has gotten progressively less “genetically health friendly.”  There is often pollution in our cities, additives and chemicals in our foods, poor food quality, lack of exercise, and overwork mixed with stress.  Many of these things were not even around until very recently.  Is it possible that our human bodies do not know how to deal with this “newfangled” stuff?

So we want to fix these things and make ourselves genetically healthy and strong right?  How do we go about this?  Of course it depends on the individual situation and how far “off-course” we have gone, but here are some basic tips.

  • Number One is to begin eating foods that are as natural and unprocessed as you can get.  Healthy food literally has good genetics!  Many people are sick because they are regularly consuming foods and substances that their bodies are not really designed for.
  • Healthy Lifestyle factors.  This includes many things like exercise, rest, stress-management, sleep, mental/emotional work, relationships, and many more.
  • Brain Health.  How we take care of our mind plays a big factor here.  Spending time in nature, listening to music we like, doing mental exercise such as mathematics or puzzles, and other things can help keep our brain healthy.  Too much time in artificial environments or with new-age electronics can take away health in this area.
  • Be “Condition Specific.”  If the genetic problems have to do with digestion; it may be wise to eliminate processed pork and hard to digest meats and foods.  If it has to do with circulation; regular exercise and a overall healthy diet makes sense.  Cancers often come with too much processed foods and substances or overwhelmed emotions.  Try to know what you are working on avoiding and plan accordingly.

Overall, I just want people to know that there is HOPE at improving genetic conditions.  We literally change our genetics when we improve what we eat and how we live.  Many people have eliminated hereditary problems.  You do not have to get sicker and weaker as you get older.  It just depends if you are willing to change these areas into healthy ones, work with nature, and let yourself be led back to healthy genetics.


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