BEST “Treatment?”


You will often hear people talking about these miracle cures or remedies.  They talk about these single things as if they were the one answer to these complex problems that people have.  Sometimes therapists (in all areas) tend to think more highly of their chosen profession than others.  Let me give you a list here, and I want you to see if you can be healthy and live well without any of these things.













I mean, I could go on and on probably; but the point is that we need many things to do well here on the planet.  When we get sucked into this idea that this ONE SUPPLEMENT or treatment will be the cure-all, we will end up in trouble with a troubled mindset.  If one PRODUCT or practitioner is promising a quick-fix with a single treatment or modality; it is probably not someone who understands or is being truthful how the body and systems actually work.  To really get on a good track or stay on a good track with your health and life you will need to make sure that the parameters set for YOUR individual needs and wants are fulfilled and within healthy ranges set by NATURE, not by your parents, not by your friends, but by the system we live in.

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