What do we mean by Bodywork?

Bodywork categorizes different activities designed to help connect or rejuvenate the body.  Examples would be Stretching, Yoga, Massage, Range of Motion, Chiropractic, etc.  They either help to “realign” areas of the body or can assist in rejuvenating parts such as with massage therapy.  Why do we want to talk about Bodywork?

This may be one of the most underutilized areas of exercise.  We may not even classify it as exercise, but it is very important; especially for modern folks.  We sit a lot, sometimes with bad posture.  We don’t use a wide range of motion for activities.  We carry stress in our muscles.  These things lead to many problems.  Sometimes people are in accidents and mal-align vertebrae in the spine.  What are the results?

People are walking around with TENSE MUSCLES, BAD POSTURE, POOR MOBILITY, and not really feeling good or comfortable in the certain areas.  We call it bodywork because it takes energy.  Yoga or deep stretching is harder than many think.  These things also take time and often get neglected if we are busy.  How do we add these into our routines?

  1.  FOCUS ON THE MOST IMPORTANT FIRST.  There are critical connections between the HEAD and BODY.  This is your NECK!  How many people have tension in the neck and shoulders?!  Fortunately, there are things you can do.  This area can be self-massaged for most people.  Visiting with a great Chiropractor can also be essential to adjust any messed up vertebrae or bone structures.  Having correct vertebrae and a neck and shoulders without a bunch of tension will lead to normal and healthy FLOW between the HEAD and BODY.
  2.  FOCUS ON PROBLEM AREAS NEXT.  Some People have issues in certain parts.  This could be elbows or knees, it could be feet, or even the back.  Some of these areas may require a professional massage therapist to work on.  You can always try self-massage to find out if you can effectively reach the area.  There are also topical oils and creams that may be helpful.
  3.  REMEMBER WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE COMING FROM.  A lot of this comes from bad postures, not exercising different ranges of motion, and neglecting parts.  A basic stretching or yoga routine is great to combat these.  It is not something that you need to do a lot.  The goal is not to become “Ultra Flexible.”  It is just to get our range of motion back to normal and to feel COMFORTABLE instead of TENSION.


Basically, a very helpful thing is to develop a “BODYWORK PROGRAM OR ROUTINE.”  Figure out the problem areas and address them with different modalities.  Examples may be doing a stretching routine once a week, visiting a Chiropractor for check ups, and scheduling a therapeutic massage for trouble spots.  Try to incorporate these as REGULAR ACTIVITIES.  You don’t want to just do these once and then stop.  These are part of the PROGRAM!  There are many benefits of Bodywork.  Improved circulation, improved flexibility, less tension and irritability, improved connection between muscles and body areas.  Bodywork isn’t hyped up or talked about as much as “WORKOUTS” or other forms of exercise.  It is quieter.  It is slower.  But it is very effective at treating stress-related ailments and improving functioning.




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