Day Rest

Rest is a great concept. Adults crave it, yet many feel like they don’t get enough. We rest when we sleep hopefully, but there are other factors. Sleep can be very rejuvenating if we are relaxed, nourished, and comfortable before bed. This post however, is on “Day Rest.”

Day Rest is a segment of time during the day while you are awake that you get to take a break from busy activities and REST! This may seem like an easy thing to do, but for many it can be difficult. With work schedules, children, and other responsibilities; it can feel like there is never time or space to rest. This is a problem because we are not designed to CONSTANTLY be working. Even when people are supposedly relaxing. If they are watching intense news or television, the Body doesn’t quite make it to the relaxation state. This also winds people up so that they don’t sleep as well at night! We cannot let the STRESS drive us. So how do we fix these issues and get Day Rest?

I will admit that this can be very difficult. Sometimes our work schedules and obligations make it hard to relax. Prioritizing things can help. We need to carve out time to “Not Do.” It may be a strange concept to accomplish things without doing much; but that is what is required for Day Rest. Some people do this by sitting in a chair with a drink. Some people may go for a leisurely walk. You could also spend time with pets. The goals is to unwind the MIND and take time to rest most days. If you do not find ways to do this; you will likely find UNHEALTHY “coping mechanisms” to take the edge off. Just build it into the routine. Day rest can be extremely enjoyable; especially if you feel like you have the time!

Sleep is often primarily talked about when thinking about Resting, but I just wanted to introduce a few other concepts here. Bodies need rest when awake also! Minds need rest, and Bodies need rest. You will think more clearly, be more relaxed, immune system will function better, feel more recharged, and many other benefits.



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