Difference Between Bad Health and Infectious Disease.

INFECTIOUS DISEASE is something that we do not like.  Some form of “micro-invaders” via bacteria, virus’s, or parasites get into our bodies and cause illness.  This is a concept familiar to most.  We get the flu, our bodies immune system kicks in and attempts to destroy or remove the invaders.  These are things that can often be transmitted person to person in close proximity or through physical intimacy.  They are hopefully short term.  These types of things can come from many avenues; but poor hygiene and sanitation is a sure way to create bad germs.  Ok, so that is infectious disease.

BAD HEALTH is something that is built up over time.  It can take years to develop bad health.  This is a condition usually caused by many bad lifestyle habits.  This can include poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, processed foods, mental/emotional stress, etc.  There are hundreds of things that can create bad health.  Often people don’t even realize they are entering into bad health because it’s slow to come on or they attribute it to aging.

The point we are making here is that INFECTIOUS DISEASE and BAD HEALTH are NOT the same thing.  People can have bad health without being infected with certain bugs.  People can also have terrible infectious disease while having good health.  There would appear to be much confusion.  Bad health cannot be fixed by doctors unless the person is willing to change the lifestyle habits that are adding to the illness.  Another issue is that when you have bad health it becomes EASIER to catch infectious disease due to weakened immune system, low energy, etc.  So what do we do?

Obviously we want to have GOOD HEALTH and not be dealing with INFECTIOUS DISEASE.  The best ways to do this are to use a combination of approaches.  Eat whole foods, exercise appropriately, sleep, de-stress, find purpose, etc.  IMPROVE the lifestyle to a healthy, sustainable one.  To avoid infectious disease, use excellent hygiene and sanitation practices and regularly consume “anti-bug” foods such as raw garlic, hot peppers, some essential oils like oregano, fresh ginger, fermented foods, etc.  When you go to the doctor you want to have good health and no bad bugs.


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