Digestive Problems

The area of health issues that people face that regard the different components of the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM are many and varied. There are massive markets selling things to “help” people with their digestive maladies. Supplements, pills, digestive enzymes, laxatives, stomach aids, etc. When doing some research, you may find that we are spending outrageous amounts of money trying to either digest our food better, go to the bathroom, or not be in as much discomfort during the eating process. Often, other conditions are masked or misdiagnosed by digestive conditions. Why is this happening? There are many, many reasons. We don’t want to talk about the problems much, but a short list would include; poor eating choices, additives in foods, chemicals in the environment, stress, lack of exercise, not enough fun, sleep deprivation, chaotic work or home life, etc. In essence, we are often not living the types of lifestyles that evolution and history have shaped us to act like. Getting “diagnosed” with a specific digestive condition can be frustrating, confusing, and hurtful. Optimized Individual’s approach is not to TARGET specific conditions, but rather improve the overall health of the lifestyle and digestive system to help it work as designed. Of course there are temporary relief-care types of things to help aid people on their wellness quests. Let’s Talk about a few of the basic’s that help digestion.

  • Do NOT eat foods that your body was not designed to eat. This basically means cutting out junk food, processed stuff, and new-age “fake food.” This may be a process. It takes a while to transition eating habits. Whole Foods is the basis for all healthy eating programs.
  • EAT foods that vibe with your specific Ancestral, Genetic, Location, and Season. This may take some getting used to. Some people with digestive problems cannot tolerate much raw vegetable fiber until they heal. Try to have a wide variety of foods that you can select from. Get used to your own bodies likes and dislikes. Maybe nuts are fine, but grains make you feel bad.
  • EAT in healthy environments. Being around negative people or watching stressful television will not help digestion.
  • Get Regular EXERCISE. Your body literally uses these activities to circulate materials in the different systems. Food can often stagnate or take much longer to digest when people are not exercising.
  • Try to maintain responsibility for your mental/emotional well being and relieve stress appropriately. Obviously can be very challenging, but digestion likes us to be safe, not overwhelmed, and in good morale while eating.

Of course things are more complex than a few simple tips but trying to imitate eating styles of previous generations can be very helpful. It is hard to avoid all the new-age food; but consuming these items are some major parts of why people are having these problems. Learn to respect your digestive system, eating, and the environment you are in and you will be on your way to healthier digestion!


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