GROWING your own FOOD!

This is an interesting topic that is very related to health and healing.  It is that of gardening or growing your own food.  I will admit that I am a newbie at this activity but I did successfully grow a few things last season.  Among these were a few good zucchinis and cucumbers, one or two good kale plants, a few cherry tomato plants, and a mammoth swiss chard.  There are several reasons to get into growing plants.  The first for me is a very practical issue.  It is very cost effective.  Let me explain.

A packet of high quality seeds will run you around 5-10$ depending on your source.  This packet will have anywhere from 15-100 seeds usually.  Sometimes much more.  From your original 5-10$ you have the potential to grow much more $ than you spent.  It really is almost like GROWING MONEY.  Most people’s budgets are largely spent on FOOD.  Whether this is groceries, restaurants, snacks, or whatever; we spend a lot on food.  So this allows you to grow high quality food that is usually better than stuff at supermarkets for very little cost.

The kicker is that it requires discipline and a little start up!  It is another thing to remember or take care of.  You may have to purchase some simple supplies like containers, pots, or dirt.  You need to water the plants correctly over a hefty time span.  You need to learn and make sure that they have proper sun/shade.  The good news is that this is usually outside, and there is something about working with plants that is good for most of us.  I will leave you with a quote I remember from a gardening book I read a bit from.

“Time spent in the garden will not be deducted from your life.”

I take this to mean that whatever time and effort you put into your growing practices; you will get back in watching things grow, eating healthy food, saving money, and learning to become more self-sustaining.  A few good seed companies that I have used are “Johnny’s Selected Seeds,” and “Territorial Seeds.”  Even if you just start with a cherry tomato plant or a little bowl of spinach; it’s a great way to get into it.



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