Health as INPUTS and OUTPUTS.

Health can be an obscure topic.  I wanted to draw up a different way of thinking about things.  In simplistic terms, humans function with inputs and outputs.  The INPUTS are the things that we take into our body, mind, and spirit from our environment, relationships, etc.  The OUTPUTS are the functioning that we can amazingly do because of our inputs.  Things like working jobs, taking care of kids, going on trips, and various other tasks.  Obviously we ALL want a HIGH LEVEL of OUTPUT.  We want to feel good, have plenty of energy, strength, and stamina to do the things that are important to us.  We also want to have resilience to stress, illness, and injury. 

What I would like to state is that your INPUTS have a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP to your OUTPUTS.  As a system of health, we want to improve the QUALITY of our INPUTS as to have better OUTPUT.  

This is where cleaning up the lifestyle comes in.  Unfortunately, many of our inputs in modern times have become compromised, polluted, inferior, or otherwise “junked up.”  Let’s look at some of the basic INPUTS humans require.

  • FRESH AIR.  This is number 1 on the list.  Problems arise when we compromise too much on the quality of our air such as pollution in cities.
  • CLEAN WATER.  Number 2 on the list.  Most people know to drink water, however the cleanliness and quality can be a factor
  • HEALTHY FOOD.  There is so much junk out there people are eating.  This is a big factor for many people as to why OUTPUT may not be as good as we want.
  • GOOD RELATIONSHIPS.  Not something you eat, but an input nonetheless.  Being surrounded by positive, supportive people helps us mentally/emotionally feel safe and happy.
  • There are many more inputs such as the types of music we listen to, the Television we watch, our hobbies, etc.

So the basic premise is that the healthier that your inputs are; the better output you can expect.  This does not necessarily mean you will feel and perform as you wish that you could.  It does mean that you will be doing better than you would with less optimal INPUTS.

A few basic notes here on REST and EXERCISE.  I would not exactly classify these as INPUTS, however both are essential to functioning well.  REST helps to heal and recover body systems and gives us a chance to de-stress.  Exercise circulates and stimulates body systems and promotes health and strength.

It is not always easy to clean up our INPUTS, however there is generally a reward when we do.  Keeping notes and tracking progress can be helpful.  Just try to keep most of what is coming IN positive, healthy, and feeling good.  Avoid negative, energy draining foods and activities.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Trust your instincts if you need to remove or add things.  Remember that good does come when we make positive changes!


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