Health Care Should be Based on Reality

It amazes me to witness the vast amounts of gimmicks, promises, supplements, drugs, and therapies “guaranteeing” health and wellness benefits to those buying and taking them. Many of these have almost no backing in TRUE SCIENCE. They may claim scientific studies and proofs; but the truth is that much of this stuff is new-age and hasn’t been around long enough to determine actual benefits or harmful side effects.

There is obviously a disconnect going on here. We have jumped into an age where the doctor is the “fixer,” and we have let go of many traditional remedies to sickness. Fortunately, there are large movements of people beginning to revert back to natural health. There are those eating more real foods, using herbs, and other traditional therapies. There are also big influxes in the small farming communities opting for organic and sustainable practices.

What we are aiming for here, is a model of Health Care that is based on solid, foundational principles. These MUST include healthy lifestyle principles such as;

  • Healthy Eating and Drinking
  • Appropriate Exercise
  • Addressing Mental/Emotional Health
  • Removal of unnatural chemicals/additives from intake
  • Establishing Healthy sleep/rest cycles
  • Happiness/fun/goals of the Person
  • Spiritual Health
  • Mitigation of “New age technological Stressors,” such as Wi-fi, cellphones, Television, computers, etc
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Healthy Employment

This is not to say that we cannot rely on Doctors for specific treatments or medications. What we are saying is that GENERAL HEALTH WILL NOT SUCCEED unless you follow the basic rules of how to take care of the human. We are breaking the rules of health put forth by NATURE and THE CREATORS, and yet we act surprised when things don’t go well. The quickest way to health and longevity is to start following the HIGHER RULES that go beyond what humans are telling other humans. There is so much information and advice, it can be hard to know what exactly to do. The best things are to follow a “HOLISTIC PROGRAM,” focusing on the many areas that are affecting the person. THEN, we can get on specific treatments or relief-care type of stuff. Learn from animals. Learn from older cultures. Try to be honest with yourself and families on what are the right STRATEGIES to employ and participate in when you design health-building programs. Just remember, it is much easier to work WITH the systems already in place than to try to create your own systems with others advice, what you think you want, marketing schemes, etc. If you contradict the bigger systems, you will lose. Try to be well-rounded, open minded, and use appropriate caution when designing programs or making changes. Also, try to remember to have FUN in the health making processes!


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