Healthy Living and Note-taking


I am coming to believe that a high proportion of people who do a good job taking care of their health, lives, and energy; often keep track of things or take logs of what they do.  There is an old adage that says, “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen.”  Now I don’t know if I can quite take that whole thing as is, but it certainly seems that we keep a lot better tabs on things when we record them.  Think about it.  We record all of our IMPORTANT or so-called IMPORTANT things; like receipts, bank statements, appointments, schedules, finances, stocks, etc.  We record births, marriages, and relationship ties.  Companies are especially on this often.  It is very annoying to consumers, but smart companies have realize that it helps to keep track of what is going on.  We keep track of sports statistics. We track the prescription drugs we take. We keep track of economics, salaries, and all kinds of other things.  Very few people, on the other hand; keep track of LIFE statistics.  We don’t usually keep track of the kinds of foods we eat, or how often we eat junk food.  We don’t keep track of how often we exercise, or what types of exercise we are doing (or not doing).  We don’t keep track of our relationships very well often times.  Sometimes we end up hanging out with the same people over and over again; even thought we feel bad afterwards most of the time.  Of course, I will admit that it is a little annoying recording your health and life, and I would not advise people to keep a highly-advanced journal; I do think that keeping some basic notes on your diet, your exercise, your sleep, relationships, spiritual life, etc, can be very helpful and keep us staying on track.  All successful athletes , and most successful people are going to have some SYSTEM of keeping track of their basic life parameters.  A few minutes in a notepad is not a big price to pay to track your health throughout life!


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