ONE System.



We all theoretically live in the same system.  The same universe.  The same planet.  So why does there seem to be so much conflicting wisdom and ideas out there?   Unfortunately , sometimes as people; we conclude that the way that works best for US extrapolates to the WHOLE SYSTEM.  The WHOLE planet and all the PEOPLE.  This is true in the areas of healthy living.  We have millions of ideas, “science,” traditions, legends, and thoughts regarding what it means to live well, but yet people are going to continue to fight.  For instance, people with an asian background may not vibe the same with foods that caucasian people vibe with in general, because their ancestors grew with different foods.  Religions or lifestyles as well as ideals have developed differently in different regions because the need arose.  Some regions were better suited for farming, others for hunting, or foraging.  Some people prefer warmer climates, and others cooler.  I could go on and on about this type of stuff, but the main concept to get across is that WE are all different.  Even members of the same family or community can be vastly different.  THINK ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL!  So our lives can be very different, yet we all are supposedly under ONE SYSTEM.  The problems happen when we honor OUR way over THE way.  THE WAY is the only one true laws of the universe and nobody knows exactly what that is.  The best we can do is to try to align ourselves up closely to the true laws of the natural world and universe that we live in and help others to do the same. GOOD LUCK!

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