Optimized Individuals offers several products to complement people on their health and life journeys.  One part of this is a wide range of essential oils.  Listed are some of the more common or favorites.

What are essential oils?  Essential oils are concentrated natural medicines.  They are small amounts of oils from  herbs, roots, resins, bark, stems, and other parts of plants.  The plant collections are then pressed and allowed steam to be passed through them.  With these combinations; small but powerful amounts of oils are extracted.  Some people think that essential oils are “fu-fu,” something that smells nice, or just for enhancing the atmosphere. While they can improve atmosphere, and smell great; they are the most powerful plant-based medicines on the planet.  They are not toys.  They can be very helpful if used properly.  They can help reprogram your brain, remove anxiety and depression, improve your intelligence, cleanse your body, aid digestion, kill bacteria and viruses and MUCH MORE than I can list here.  A reason I recommend these oils is because they offer the ability to inexpensively provide shelf-stable herbal medicine.  Not many people in the modern world are going to grow big herb gardens or harvest fresh plants.  This is a way to bring the benefits of herbal remedies into your home without taking up much room or spending too much time!

WOODS:  Wood, leaf, and stem oils are great places to start in the world of oils.  They are somewhat less potent in my opinion than many of the others.  They are not generally used internally.  I think most of us (especially in the Midwest) can relate to liking the smell of freshly cut wood or bonfires. Woods are a good one for men to try out as they are not usually very “feminine” in smell.  As for the benefits;  they will range from wood to wood, but in general; they can be great for mental clarity.  They can help with sharpness of thought, intelligence, and emotional stability.

CEDARWOOD: 15$ for a 15ml bottle.

CYPRESS:  25$ for a 15ml bottle.

PINE:  20$ for a 15 ml bottle.

IDAHO BALSALM FIR:  35$ for a 5 ml bottle.

KITCHEN HERBS! :  Many people like kitchen herbs.  Things like rosemary, thyme, oregano, and basil.  Don’t forget about peppermint!   A problem is that many of us end up using OLD, dried herbs of questionable quality.  The taste may be there to some extent; but most of the nutritional and medicinal qualities are long gone.  Pluses of kitchen herbal oils are that they are generally inexpensive, very medicinal, and can taste great!  They go very good in fruit teas.  The line that I recommend here is called the “vitality” line.  These are small bottles (5ml) and inexpensive.  They are also made for internal use (they are food grade).  As always, caution is recommended as well; as they are still medicines.


BASIL: 15$

THYME: 20$



GINGER:  20$

STRESS, EMOTIONAL AIDS, and SPIRITUAL OILS:  Truthfully, these are not all one category.  However, I did not want to make this page never ending =).  These are groupings of oils that I believe to help different ranges of stress, help aid emotional releases, release past hurts and traumas, and aid in spiritual growth.  I would say in general most of the “flowery” type of stuff such as Lavender are good for general stress relief and relaxation.  The strong emotional and spiritual oils are usually pretty pricey and they are sacred and rare plants or resins in nature.

LAVENDER:  15$ for 5 ml bottle

FRANKINCENSE: 40$ for 5 ml bottle

ANGELICA:  55$ for 5 ml bottle

EUCALYPTUS BLUE:  20$ for 5 ml bottle

HYSSOP:  35$ for 5 ml bottle

SPIKENARD:  55$ for 5ml bottle

SO, to wrap it up; oils can be great.  They don’t take up hardly any room in your home.  The bottles usually last a long time as you only need to use a few drops here and there.  We offer a full catalog of oils and blends; however I tend to prefer singles myself and I chose to put up some of the most popular and useful oils for this section.  Many of these are good to introduce people to essential oils if they do not have much experience with them.