Optimized Individuals offers several options to individuals and families desiring improvements in health, lifestyle, well-being, fitness, and other related areas.  Ranging from basic health techniques to helping with moderate-level health challenges, we work custom with your needs and build plans for your situations.  Unless specified appointments are approximately 40-45 minutes.  Offerings are as follows:

  1.  Basic Overall Health and Wellness Techniques and Programs:  30$

We primarily discuss basic or beginning level health and wellness techniques in this session.  Focuses may include basic food planning, exercise, sleep, work life, relationships,  supplementation, stress-relief, mental/emotional issues, fun, work/leisure balance, weight loss, and more.  After discussion, programs may be designed to help people get on track with things.

2.  Intermediate Overall Health and Wellness Techniques and Programs:  40$

In this session type, we will be discussing more in-depth concerns in different areas of health.  This session is built for people with moderate health concerns, energy or stress challenges, digestive or hormonal issues, cognitive issues, serious weight challenges, or just want to develop a program when the person feels like they have the basics down.  A little more detail here dealing with more internal workings of the body.  We may also focus a bit on natural medicines.  Programs or protocols may be designed to aid in restoring the body to a better state of functioning.

3.  Nature-based Lifestyle Principles and Strategies: 35$

This is a multi-style session primarily teaching how to align your lifestyle to a way more in tune with the nature of where we live.  With our modern lifestyle, technological gadgets, fast food, new-age medicine,  media, news, and many other factors our bodies, minds, and spirits often become “out of sync” with what is REAL.  Our systems evolved and are used to drastically different environments than those we often find ourselves in today.  We talk about anything from getting into real, whole foods; to exercising and being outside.  We may discuss topics such as growing or hunting and fishing your own foods.  Day and night cycles.  Natural medicines.  Basically “old-school” living.

4.  Practical and Intuitive Assessment:  40$

The “Practical and Intuitive assessment” is designed for a person or family who feels “STUCK.”  They may be working on their health or they may be wanting to start.  The main thing is that they do not really know where to begin or they may not know what is wrong with them.  This type of person may just want a bit of guidance or possibly is in a “rut.”  Using the Practical and Intuitive assessment; we use a series of questionnaires dealing with basic things like energy and stress levels, fitness self-rating levels, job stress, self-image, etc.  The intuitive part comes from viewing the person.  The habits, skin tones, muscle tones, eyes, energy, balance, and several other factors.  The end result of this session is our assessment of your personal strengths and weaknesses and a good place to move forward from.

5.  Supplemental “Illness-related” Support: 35$

This type of work is designed for people already working with doctors or therapists for an existing health condition who are looking for some natural support to add to their program.  We will look at primarily nutrition, exercise, and stress-management techniques to support the person as well as assisting them put together a holistic program that feels good to them.

6.  Weight-Loss and Fitness Tailored:  30$

This is a basic session specifically designed to assist clients with their weight-loss goals.  Focuses will include primarily nutrition, exercise, and stress-management techniques.