Simple Ways to Add RAW Foods and Replace Enzymes!

There is a constant debate going on out there.  Are COOKED FOODS BAD for us?  Is it just the types of cooked food? Is RAW FOOD harmful?

This article is meant to be practical, so briefly; why do we want to eat raw foods?

RAW FOODS contain enzymes and vitamins before processing.  Much of these can often be destroyed in cooking.  It just means that your body has to generally work HARDER to assimilate and utilize these foods.  There are exceptions.  Cooking can sometimes make unappetizing or indigestible foods edible such as grains, some hard beans, and vegetables (especially roots).  Cooking can also transform some tough and chewy meats into comforting protein sources.  So how are we to KNOW which to be eating raw?  It is a difficult balance, but here are some guidelines.

  • Eat RAW when there isn’t a great reason to cook.  These are items like fruits, cold-pressed raw oils like olive, sesame, and coconut.  This includes some vegetables depending on your digestive situation.  These can also include plant fats such as avocados or nuts.  Raw Nuts may cause issues for some with sensitive digestive systems.  Sweeteners are also great Raw.  Healthy things like raw honey, agave, or small amounts of cane sugar.  There are usually raw alternatives to processed sweeteners.
  • We enter a medium level of concern for some people here.  RAW MILK and RAW EGGS are things some people are afraid of.  By all means steer clear of bad quality dairy and eggs.  Just be aware that pasteurization is the newfangled way of doing things.  For thousands of years; people mainly were consuming raw milk.  Pasteurization kills the enzymes and other factors leaving the product much harder to digest.  Lightly cooked eggs do not pose a problem for most people.  RAW EGGS may be easiest for those with upset digestion.
  • The next level is tricky even for most advanced “dieters.”  Here we enter into the realm of RAW MEATS.  Culturally we have become much more acceptable of things such as SUSHI or raw fish being ok here and there.  However, when talking about raw farm animals things get a little more dicey.  We know that historically people often ate raw meat.  Of course this was fresh and of the highest quality.  I would definitely advise AGAINST consuming any supermarket quality farm animals raw.  The level of disease is already far too high.  Pork and chicken feel a little riskier than beef.  If you are getting high quality non-gmo meats, you may be ok cooking your meats a bit rarer.  So bottom line?  Start by getting the highest quality meats you can find.  Don’t overcook them as to stress your system.  Make sure you consume plenty of raw foods to counterbalance the cooked.

So why do we care to do this?  Many many people’s bodies and digestive systems are extremely sluggish because they eat so much poor quality cooked food with little raw, enzyme rich food to balance it out.  This leaves people often overweight, low energy, and feeling sluggish.  The body simply gets tired of processing the food.  It is like eating calories without the batteries.  The fuel is there, but it puts a big burden on the system do keep eating that way without enzymes.  I might add a special note on PINEAPPLE AND PAPAYA FRUITS here.  These tropical fruits both contain high levels of enzmyes specific to digesting proteins.  They are great for enzyme therapy and for those trying to overcome chronic fatigue, poor digestion, and other related symptoms.

A good basic guideline is to keep increasing your proportion of raw foods until it begins to feel unhealthy.  You can overdo it.  I do not believe it necessary to become ultra-strict or a 100% raw foodist.  Humans have been healthfully cooking for a long time.  Just make sure you balance it with the raw and remember to eat HEALTHY FOODS regardless of whether they are COOKED or RAW!


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