Start BUILDING Health!

This may be a bit of a different paradigm for some. Many people seem very focused on “Chasing disease.” They want to know what diagnosis they have. They want to know what to take to make it go away. This type of thinking is playing DEFENSE! I am not suggesting that it is not wise to search for the causes and problems of particular ailments. I am saying that is leaving out a BIG area of things that could help people.

BUILDING HEALTH IS AN OFFENSIVE STRATEGY. Healthy nutrition, exercise, Outdoors, etc. These are the things that build Health. When we are healthy, disease does not affect us nearly as much. Our immune system stays in better shape and helps protect us. Digestion is much better. We maintain healthy homeostatic controls, weight, and many other neat factors.

So why are so many people focused just on DEFENSE? You can not find the problems if the problem is that you don’t have a HEALTHY OFFENSE! It is the same thing as focusing on the POSITIVE instead of the NEGATIVE.

A more balanced approach might be to FOCUS ON BUILDING HEALTH in a positive manner and THEN work on whatever problems you may have. A lot of people may “LOSE” their diseases or issues when they get healthier. There are lots of things people need to be healthy, and if we don’t support those then we are not playing OFFENSE. Here are some basic steps to support a healthy BUILDING program.

– Eat Healthy Food.

– Rest and Sleep

– Exercise Regularly

– Control Stress Levels

– Take High Quality supplements

The BODY will be much stronger if you can do the basics. Remember that the immune system is designed to protect you from bacteria, parasites, virus’s. So by improving the OFFENSE, you actually improve the DEFENSE as well! A lot of people are “CHASING SYMPTOMS.” If you do not get to the underlying causes of WHY you are having problems; then the symptoms will stay around. Get with the basics. BUILD HEALTH!



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