Stop Looking for the ONE Thing!

It amazes me how many times there are advertisements for things trying to sell you “cures” for certain ailments. They may not state it in absolute terms, but they lead the consumers into thinking that the product is a health-fix and something that is very rare. This may be the case in vitamins, supplements, or other products. Don’t buy into this thinking!

Health is created through so many factors. We do not get or stay healthy with a single product or treatment. This is marketing hype! Let us not get onboard with these concepts. Of course it would be nice if we could take a pill, or some other easy fix that could solve the issues; but that is not a reality. We need to do many things do stay healthy. There are no shortcuts. Follow the basic Lifestyle Principles.

– Natural Nutrition

– Rest and Sleep

– Exercise

– Stress Reduction

– Supplements

You may cheat for awhile, but things will eventually catch up! So instead of focusing on ONE THING that will fix the problems, focus on being honest and mindful of the MANY THINGS that affect the Health and do things that promote that!



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