Stress Outs VS. Internal Energetics

So many people are dealing with problems of different kinds. They may have digestive issues. They may have pain. They may have Immune related problems. These are some basic concepts I want to introduce about WHY things show up.

When you are required to deal with STRESS of whatever kind, it takes ENERGY right? This is different than being active. These are negative stresses we are talking about. Many people feel wiped out. They don’t feel that high level of energy that they want. We are dealing with people that are STRESSED OUT!

INTERNAL ENERGETICS would refer to the Internal functioning of different body systems. This would include digestion, elimination, immune function, circulation, repair, healing, etc. These processes require ENERGY!

What if we are drained? What if the stressful events and circumstances we keep putting ourselves through are sucking up most of the energy that we NEED to run the internal processes? You might get poor digestion, low immune function, weight issues, foggy thinking, pain, etc. People’s bodies simply do not have the energy to run the necessary functions. So what happens? Things get neglected. Body systems run down and malfunction. This creates symptoms and “Dis-eases.”

How do we fix these problems? It is not always easy. The basic steps are to REMOVE as many negative stressors as you can, while FUELING yourself with positive things. Don’t eat junk. Don’t hang out with people that drain energy. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise. Do the good stuff. Be honest about the stressors. If something bothers you, there is probably a reason!

These are just some basic paradigms to think about. The internal systems need help from you to work properly. They need healthy fuel and they need rest. They also need a break from chronic stress. So take care of Yourself, don’t put up with negativity, stay away from chemicals, etc. Try to be mindful of how much energy you are spending STRESSING OUT VS. How much ENERGY is there to help the inside. Balancing these areas can help People recover, gain energy, and get relief from nagging symptoms!



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