The 3 Things You Need To Battle ANY Disease.

Often, we complicate things by separating illness and disease into great numbers of categories. We like to name different bugs, parasites, etc. We identify different organs and systems. We name “Diseases.” We really seem to like saying that “X causes Y.” It just isn’t that simple. I will tell you 3 BASIC areas that ALL Health Challenges require to battle.

  1. LOWERED STRESS LEVELS – There are many reasons and factors here. The stress can be coming from a relationship. It can be coming from Employment. It can be coming from Fear. The more stress factors you are dealing with; the harder it will be to recover and stay well from just about anything. Resolving stress when possible is a key to getting and staying Healthy.
  2. HEALTHY FUELS and MEDICINES – These are the things you are taking into your body. The quality of AIR, the health of your FOOD, types of WATER, etc. How much junk are you taking in? Are you taking natural medicinal substances? Proper amounts of Healthy Fuels and Medicines are what the body USES to do the healing work.
  3. BASIC ACTIVITY/REST BALANCES – To have the Body function well, you need to balance activity and rest. This includes EXERCISE! Are you sitting around too much? Are you OVERWORKING? Do you sleep well at night? These are the questions. Proper activity and rest will run the Metabolism smoothly and efficiently.

So, are we making things a little too simplistic here? Of course there are HIGHLY SPECIFIC TREATMENTS that we can use to target Health Challenges, but these are the basics. ALL Issues will respond to these 3 AREAS of treatment. They are not necessarily easy to implement. Sometimes fixing our diet or eliminating stressors are easier said than done. However, the more you buy into a paradigm of thinking that says, “Get this ONE TREATMENT to cure X,” It will make it very hard to treat anything. The more of the basics you are doing, the Body will be more effectively able to FIGHT whatever it is! So be honest, try to fix the stressors, clean up the eating program, do a little research about some natural medicines perhaps. You may still need SPECIFIC treatments, but if you can do these 3; they will help the very basic Body functions and give you a fighting chance against whatever you may be battling with.

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