The Importance of Bodywork.

This post refers to a broad category of therapies which I usually blanket into the term “Bodywork.”  There are many other names, but this is what we will use here.  What do we mean by bodywork?  A good definition might be manual therapies that effect healthy change in the body, especially in the areas of muscles, joints, circulation, and spine.  Here are some common therapies in this field.

-Yoga and Stretching



These are primarily PHYSICAL therapies that attempt to allow your own body to function more optimally.  They do this by enhancing circulation, releasing tension, correcting imbalances and so forth.  Most of these therapies also have a side-effect of increased mental/emotional wellness and stress relief.  In other words, they make you feel better.

Unfortunately, many people do not find the time or space to practice these healthy activities.  This may be due to time restraints, busy lives, poor body awareness, lack of motivation, etc.  It would appear that many people choose exercise, but forget to do the bodywork.  On the other hand, it is no small task to keep the body limber, massaged, and properly adjusted.  So the goal here is to do bodywork in a practical way.

My recommendation is to focus on the areas of most importance first.  This is more often than not the neck, shoulders, and spine.  We get messed up here because of poor posture, lifestyle reasons, and stress that often stores in the shoulders.  The reason this is such a problem is because we need a high level of circulation from our body to our head.  If there is too much tension you greatly limit that circulation.  This is why yoga is such a great activity.  When used properly, it can help to bring your neck and spine back into good alignment.  A little assistance from a chiropractor or massage therapist complements this.

The other area of focus is the feet.  Our feet carry us around, yet we devote very little thought or care to them.  Massaging the feet can be a great treatment.  There is a therapy called “Reflexology” that focuses on such activities.  Often times the feet will be very sore until after a few rubs.

So basically, this article is designed to remind people of the great benefits of bodywork.  It is very easy with our busy, modern lives to neglect to do these activities.  However, the increased physical wellness, mental/emotional clarity, and relieved stress is enjoyed by people who create space to participate in these ancient therapies.


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