The MOST Important Food Group!

Sometimes people like to argue or debate as to which food groups are best. These often get into things like MEAT versus VEGETATION, carbs versus fat, or how much protein do we really need? Most of us know the basic food groups. We may be searching for the ones that will help us the best. Well here is the secret!


It highly depends on your own Individuality. There are many things that will determine what food groups will help you the most. Sure, there are commonalities such as many people not eating enough fruits and vegetables. What health conditions a person has will advise them to eat from certain groups. You should not just tell people to consume lots of raw vegetables; as some may not be able to digest these. You also can not tell people to consume large amounts of meat, as this could be detrimental.

The real secrets are HOW to figure out the best food groups for YOU and your FAMILY. This often involves some detective work! The biggest recommendation is to eat WHOLE FOODS. That is what gets people on the right track and helps them to figure out what groups they may do well with. Be patient, as it takes some experimentation to figure out what food groups these will be; and they change with variables such as stress levels, temperature, exercise, and many others. Tune into things, eat real food, and have a little fun!


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