Walking: A Basic Necessity

This is a short post about WALKING. Not super exciting, but worthy of our attention. People sometimes wonder how to design fitness programs. Often times gyms, jogging, biking, etc are things that come up. These are great also, but walking comes first.

WALKING is the MOST BASIC FORM of Human movement. We walk around and do things. As we walk, our circulation is aided, stress may be relieved, digestion/elimination functions are improved, and if we are Outside; we get added benefits of Fresh Air and Sunlight. It is also a type of movement that does not stress out the body or individual doing it very much. Risk of injury is also very low.

Many people get plenty of WALKING in their regular daily activities. This may include general Housekeeping, work at employment, yardwork, etc. As more of our activities tend to focus around electronic media, some people may not be walking as much as they used to or would be healthy. Some people work jobs at offices where they sit at desks much of the time.

WALKING as a Necessity: Bodies really do require movement to be healthy. Regular walking is a great base to a fitness program.

Recommendations: Aim for several good-length walks each week. Keep a log of the dates go on walks so you can track your results.

I know it is easy to get sucked into the SUPER FITNESS niches like powerlifting, bodybuilding, high-endurance cardio, and things like that. Many people seem prone to getting pulled into these types of activities. Many people also burn out on those types of activities and eventually cannot participate in them anymore. I am all for moderate-semi intensive forms of exercise like jogging, moderate weight training, yoga, biking etc assuming people are doing basic “Low intensity” exercise as the Base for that.

I am aware that WALKING may not always be the most exciting form of exercise but it is the One that you can reliably count on the most.


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