What Do We Eat?!

Forgive me, as this will be a very short summary on a much larger topic.  I also have not written in this blog for quite some time so please be patient with my skills hehe. 

The topic is what to eat.  It is a highly complex issue, yet we can simplify it if we know some basic principles and concepts.  Also remember that this is just my take on things.  Obviously there are loads of different opinions, scientific research, and other stuff meant to confuse us right?  Here are some of my beliefs.

Biochemical Individuality:  We are all different inside and out.  We have different genetics, come from different ancestral patterns, live in different regions and so forth.  People did not all evolve eating the same stuff!  Add to this that we have different employment, incomes, relationships, tastes, exercise levels,  mental/emotional temperaments, and that list could go on for a while.  So keeping it short, we all have different nutritional preferences and requirements.

This can be further split into something called “Metabolic Typing,” which attempts to categorize individuals into 1 of 3 categories.  There is;

The Protein Type:  Meat eaters, paleo/keto style eating, high protein, high fat usually.  Some of these do not do as well with carbs (especially grains and high sugar fruits).

The Mixed Type:  Somewhat self-explanatory.  These people do well on a well-rounded approach utilizing modest amounts of the food groups.  Some grains, some nuts, some meat, some veggies, some fruit.  Makes sense right?

The Carbohydrate Type:  This is where you find vegetarians, vegans, and those who are kind of nonchalant as to whether they eat meat or not.  They just don’t crave it in the same way as the other types.  These people usually do well on moderate amounts of vegetable foods such as grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruit.  They may also enjoy vegetarian animal foods such as milk or eggs.

So basically, most people can fit themselves generally into one of these categories.  Of course, it is also possible to be on the fence between two types.  After identifying your type we return to the basics.

-Whole foods

-Local when possible

-Favor fresh produce

-Organic when possible

-Avoid processed foods and GMO’s

Once you are eating healthy foods in proportions that are correct for you it is ok to use some intuition and self-guidance when choosing foods on a daily basis.  Maybe you notice that you feel terrible when you eat beans, but feel great eating rice.  We just need to continuously listen to these signals.  Remember, it is a process to keep improving what we eat.  Hopefully this helps make things a little easier to understand.  We don’t want to get so caught up in the latest trends or science that we forget to trust our own instincts.  There is of course much more to elaborate on with this topic but I just wanted to give a simple overview.


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