Who Controls What You Eat?

As you get more into Healthy Eating and choices, thoughts may come as to WHY some people choose to eat the way they do. A lot of us know that there may be healthier options. Just want to throw out some ideas here.

Are you letting marketers and business people choose what you eat? If you simply buy what advertisements and industries want you to eat, will it be in the best interests of the people? Here, we will list 3 MAJOR FACTORS that determine what people eat.

1. CALORIC DENSITY – Unfortunately, most of us are programmed to eat foods with HIGH Caloric Densities. We do not seem to be able to differentiate between whole foods and processed things. Foods with high caloric densities would be fatty meats, altered milk products like cheese and butter, nuts, oils, processed bread and grain products, and sugary foods. THESE ARE THE FOODS THAT ARE PRIMARILY IN RESTAURANTS!

2. CULTURAL NORMS – Are you letting the culture dictate what you eat? Sometimes people know to be eating differently, but the people and culture keep them stuck eating the same junky stuff. DO NOT ACCEPT THINGS JUST BECAUSE THE CULTURE DOES IT!

3. ADVERTISING – Marketing, commercials, etc can program people into buying and eating certain things. Again, these are usually non-health foods. They are usually processed and have high caloric densities. ARE YOU LETTING ADVERTISING PROGRAM WHAT YOU EAT?

So what are we supposed to do? Sometimes, just waking up and realizing that these factors are affecting us can help. So many people are just on treadmills eating junky foods. Sometimes they are unaware, but sometimes they are aware and just find it hard to change.

They KEY here is to take control of what you eat!

You have to be the Person that decides what you consume. Do not be persuaded by marketers. Do not be persuaded by cultural norms. Do not even be tricked by the Body into consuming the addictive high calorie foods. There are plenty of things to eat that are better. A lot of this has to do with being IN CHARGE! Take back the control. An added benefit of doing this is that you start to support Health-Oriented Farming. When you choose to spend money buying fruits, vegetables, and other high quality foods; you support those industries. We have responsibility to People and our Cultures to support Healthy practices! So take back control, decide what you eat, and be responsible with food choices!



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